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'56 Chevy Euro-inspired Interior (Primarily CAD)

CAD modeling and detail design work for a full interior - about 65% complete (in-progress)

I am responsible for all of the surface modeling, and most of the engineering, on this interior project - currently in-progress, about 65% complete with CAD work. Now that FFC has an in-house engineer, I'll be finishing up this project while letting him help with the engineering side of things.

I've also added detailed renderings of the steering wheel, which was a separate and earlier element of this whole project. I did all the CAD modeling and engineering on the steering wheel, based on the artist's rendering, designing it for CNC production and keeping ergonomics in mind.

While CAD modeling the interior, here are some of the additonal elements of this project that I had a hand in:

  1. Modifying artist's interior door pulls, adding speakers to the doors, adding wireless phone charger integrated into console, and other small elements.

  2. Picking out all off-the-shelf items to integrate into interior, including A/C vents, switches, center console hideaway door (for hiding head unit and A/C controls), and other elements.

  3. Mocking up interior elements in the physical car, for creating ideal ergonomics and making sure all important elements are within driver's reach.

  4. Working with the project's fabricators to determine ideal manufacturing techniques, that will influence the CAD work.

CAD Gallery

Fabrication Gallery

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