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Barracuda Interior Redesign

Originally designed by artist Brian Stupski, I budgeted, CAD modeled, selected off-the-shelf items where necessary, re-designed sections, engineered, and helped fabricate the interior of this multi-award-winning car.

Due to the nature of this project, I don't have pictures of every major step, so I have summarized them below. I would love to discuss it in more detail.

This was my first major interior project, for client Fiber Forged Composites, where I had a hand in every major step of the process. Originally designed by Brian Stupski, but never brought to fruition during this car's initial build for budgeting, timeline, and capability reasons, 5 years later the owner Casey wanted the original vision for his car's interior brought to life.

Brian's initial concept rendering, shown below, was used as the basis for this project. I worked with Fiber Forged Composites and the car's owner, Casey, to further refine Brian's vision.

For this project, I used the following design process:

  1. Refining Brian's 5-year-old concept rendering.

  2. Selecting necessary off-the-shelf items to use with the project, such as A/C vents and switches.

  3. Working with FFC 3D scanner to 3D scan the bare-metal interior of the car without any dash or paneling installed.

  4. Sitting in the car with rough cardboard and foam mockups of various elements, from the console to the dash, door panels.

  5. CAD modeling interior A-side surfaces, confirming design with client and owner via digital renderings.

  6. Creating B-side surfaces, including engineering of console, dash, panels, and so forth - hinges, assembly techniques, latches, mounting points, etc.

  7. Working with FFC's 3D printing team to get the parts manufactured. Helping them fit the panels in the car, fix and refine items, etc.

  8. Interior is currently being upholstered.

CAD Gallery

Fabrication Gallery

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