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ZR/10 Carbon Interior (Full Design + CAD)

From the door panels to the headliner, dashboard, floating center console, firewall, and large parts of the floor, I designed and CAD modeled 95% of the exposed interior surfaces on this project.

My main parameters for this project:

  1. Design for production - All carbon fiber panels, excluding the console, were designed for mass-production, since these carbon fiber trucks are production kit cars. The 3D printed door panels and other accessories were primarily designed for one-off use.

  2. Jet cockpit inspired - Given the hardcore race nature of this ZR/10 project, all of the one-off items such as the door panels, console, and dash elements were designed to evoke a sense of alertness, lightweight-ness, and speed - with the overall inspiration of a jet cockpit.

  3. Design for ease of servicing

    - Since this is primarily a full-fledge, million-dollar race car, I was asked to make all panels and pieces easy to service, replace, and access. The center console is floating for this very reason - all of it's complex wiring is exposed underneath, easy to access. The door panels have access panels held in place with nothing more than strong magnets. All of the dash elements are condensed into two simple, easy to remove pieces, held in place with threaded studs, fastened with nuts.

CAD Gallery

Fabrication Gallery

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