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February 2022

Time Frame:

2-3 weeks



How to design an elegant school accessory out of one of the cheapest building materials available: MDF? That was the question we aimed to answer with this project.

This is a laser-cut modular drawing utensil holder, with customizable dividers and attachable items such as an external phone battery, bluetooth speaker, and tablet/phone mount - all made from 1/8" MDF and some customizable 3D printed dividers.

The laser-cut MDF hinge system works surprisingly well, and all the "teeth" created by the 84 interlocking MDF pieces line up just right every time the lid is closed. GIven the nature of MDF, this reliability is likely to diminish with time and humidity, but we haven't seen that after several months. The surface blemishes on the MDF, resulting from the laser cutting process, give this prototype a warm, unique appearance. To turn this into a more practical and user-friendly design will take some more design iterations, but this prototype effectively communicates the concept.

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