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February 2022

Time Frame:

2-3 weeks


PETG, live moss, custom electronics, felt

In a world full of digital connections, how do we reconnect with ourselves? Otherwise known as decompressing, detoxing, or unplugging, humans are increasingly finding a need to put away their technology, and focus on the here-and-now. How can products encourage people to put away their tech? Just for a couple hours at least? Here's an idea:

- Design products that belittle technology. 

- Design products that bring out the primal origins of humans. 

- Encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and focusing on ourselves – mindfulness. 

- Showcase the beauty of the world in its natural state. 

This was yet another fun project, where we ended up developing a Primal Design Language that could fit a whole product line. Some key features of the final prototype shown: 

  • WiFi (app) controlled mood lighting

  • Wireless charging pad

  • Live moss, so it will change, grow, and mature over time (just like the user)

  • Integrated drain holes for residual water, diffused and dried by the felt base. Moisture will only stay in the moss areas, nowhere else. Since there is such a small amount of water required, mold will not be an issue. 

  • 3 Auxiliary USB ports for charging other items as necessary 

The initial user testing for the first prototype (shown) was overwhelmingly positive, with the phone nest actually causing users to become less distracted with their phones during remote working or school sessions. These will absolutely bring a new sense of nature into your life - whether you put it on your office desk, kitchen countertop, or nightstand. For more details, check out the images and slides below:

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