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April 2021

Time Frame:

2 weeks



Imagine a car dealership that feels like a café.

Hate car salesmen? This dealership is designed to help mitigate the kind of 'forcefulness' or greediness often associated with car salesmen that exist in showrooms purely for grabbing potential buyers. It is also designed for minimum overhead cost, minimum power usage, semi-permanent or permanent installation, and the elegance to be installed anywhere from a Vegas casino hotel to a car show, a mall, or even a standalone outdoor installation with some modifications. 

The criteria for this project was to create some kind of product or company display for an exposition center. We decided to design this micro dealership for a hypothetical car company, Rienks Motor Co. (wink). 

This dealership displays the company's flagship offerings and some of the technology that exists within them, such as the powertrain and chassis, in a way that allows potential buyers to develop their own interests in the cars, and let the products sell themselves. Then, if interested, potential buyers ascend the spiral staircase to a lobby area, where they can schedule a meeting with one of RMC's salesmen. This means there will be no salesmen in the showroom unless they come back down the stairs with an already interested potential buyer. 

In the lobby area, the receptionist operates a small café, and schedules interviews and showings between potential buyers and salesmen. Once the salesmen and aspiring buyer meet, they can descend the stairs and take one of the display cars for a short test drive, in addition to discussing things like the cars' proprietary technology shown on display stands. If an aspiring buyer decides to buy a car, they ascend the stairs again with a salesmen and continue back to the meeting rooms. There, a buyer can order their car with custom options, finance it, learn about subscription models, and more. 

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