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March 2022

Time Frame:

2-3 weeks


Corn husk

This was an extremely fun project for SCAD, surrounding the premise of developing uniquely sustainable packaging for a large food chain. As hardcore coffee addicts, we chose to develop packaging for Starbucks.

Unprocessed, dried, cleaned corn husks seemed like an interesting base material for the packaging, since corn husks contain several very strong natural polymers and waxes that are ideal for water-tight packaging - and there is an overabundance of corn in the US. These cups use a production process that uses high-pressure steam die forming to create cups (or other types of packaging) that require no other added materials or sealants - just clean corn husks being press formed together, with their natural waxes and polymers sealing and holding everything together. 

Please check out the slides for more detailed insights into this awesome project:

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