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October 2021

Time Frame:

2 weeks


digital drawing, graphite, CAD, 3D print

Nobody likes dealing with those pesky "crumbs" that come after extensive erasing of graphite and charcoal. What are your options in the 21st century? Blow them off, brush them off, shake them off - and get them all over your desk and floor, while smearing your drawing - or get out the Dyson and wake up your roommates and neighbors when you're still drawing at 2AM. 

Why is this so complicated? Isn't there a better solution?

Not only did we develop a better solution, we developed a fully-functional prototype. Check out the video in the below gallery for a timelapse of the full design and testing process.

The Err Brush (pronounced air brush) is effective at quietly removing nearly 100% of eraser crumbs, and it can also be used everywhere from car interiors (like those crumbs that seem impossible to get out of the cup holders) to restaurants (looking at you, servers). Additionally, it is well-suited for use in the electronics assembly/repair industry, machining industry, and office supplies industry, and about a million other industries. There is even a truly functional, effective prototype now, thanks to 3D printing, Fusion 360, Amazon overnight shipping, and several fast prototypes. Buy one for your OCD parent to keep in their purse - now they can vacuum everything! Below are several slides and a video of this entire project - from defining the problem to developing and testing a prototype. Make sure to hover over the video (last slide) for a few seconds - the website host "Play Button" feature isn't working correctly, so it doesn't look like anything is happening for a few seconds until the video begins. Also, I chose a great song for the time lapse portions, and there is a narration section, so volume UP is recommended.

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