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September 2021

Time Frame:

2 weeks


digital drawing, graphite

Modern minimalist sink faucets are some of the most confusing yet functionally simple things in the world. The modern, minimalist faucet aesthetic does not have to be conducive to a frustrating guessing game of "Did I set this thing right? Is this supposed to be hot water or cold water? How long will it take until I figure out?"

Don Norman helped out on this very fun project, through his teachings and some email conversation.

Driven in large part by Don Norman's iconic principles of effective design, and a few email back-and-forth's with the legendary master-in-engineering-and-psychology, the R-Frame takes a unique - and intuitive - approach to solving the ridiculous challenges associated with contemporary sink faucets. 

With technology as advanced and cheap as it is in today's world, we should be able to have the kind of aesthetics, functions, and usability that make home and commercial appliances lower stress levels in our lives - not increase it. The R-Frame was RMD's first entrance into this awesome field of product design. Check out the below slides for an in-depth explanation of this concept:

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