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Laser Lamp

A futuristic lamp powered by RGB lasers: An in-depth project involving 3D printing, painting, optical design, electrical, and more.

This project was actually stolen before I could complete it, but there is everything short of the final "light-up" shown in the below gallery. I have all the CAD files if you would like to check them out.

Consisting of everything from CAD modeling to electrical work and optic design, I used the unique properties of 3D printed clear plastic to create unique material changes and diffusions in this project.

The focal point for all 6 of the laser beams is a solid glass ball, which I etched to diffuse the surface so the light would better diffuse - creating something reminiscent of a lightbulb.

The end goal: A futuristic, complex, multi-material lamp with visible laser beams that coincide at one point, creating a white light (or any color, if I would've been able to program everything like I wanted to).

Project Gallery

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