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Metal Fabricating

Showcasing two of my most complex metal shaping and TIG welding projects: Completely hand-built firewall and surrounding area, and a completely hand-built roof and A pillars.

This is a collection of two different projects, each showcasing my metal fabricating and shaping skillset. I have countless more projects to share as well - inluding other areas on these same vehicles.

Both projects used the following techniques:

  • TIG welding

  • Hammer/dolly

  • English wheel

  • Pneumatic planishing hammer

  • Pull-Max die-forming - including a custom-made die and pattern for the 'double sunrise' floor boards.

The two primary projects shown here:

  1. Shaping and fabricating from scratch the entire roof for a Cougar concept car currently being built.

  2. Shaping and fabricating from scratch the entire firewall, floor boards (with the double sunrise patten in them), and chassis mounts for a '56 Chevy - the same one I'm currently CAD modeling the interior for, showcased elsewhere in this portfolio.

Hands-on fabricating and sculpting was my bread-and-butter before I entered the world of formal design about 5 years ago.

Project Gallery

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