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Feel The Music

Designed for the visual, hearing, and speaking impaired, this Bluetooth speaker project showcases elements of HCD, graphic, and UX design.

Feel The Music takes wireless music, communication, and accessibility to a whole new level for visual, hearing, and speaking impaired individuals. In the form factor of a pet-like companion that users can sit on their lap or carry with them, FTM uses a design that is easy to navigate by touch or sound alone.

FTM harnesses AI to allow individuals with no speaking ability to "tap" on the speaker in morse code, or finger "draw" letters on the cloth surface underneath the handle, which then processes through an internal digital vocalizer to translate these taps into audible words for others to hear.

This same AI functionality also translates audible music into strong, crisp, physical vibrations that are felt by hearing-impaired individuals, allowing them to "listen" to music like never before.

Sound therapy will never be the same, which with FTM can now be accompanied with vibrations - adding a whole new dimension to the experience.

Setting up the speaker can be done through audible commands, morse-code-like taps, or finger-drawing on the cloth surface. For example, a certain combination of taps would put the device in pairing mode, or finger-drawing an "X" could do the same - or just speaking "Pair my device" to Feel The Music.

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