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ZR/10 Graphic Design, UX/UI, and more.

From the ZR/10's promo video to its logo, infographics, and digital display, I shaped all of these elements from the ground up - creating an overall degree of project refinement rarely seen in the custom car industry.

Along with the enormous amount of design and CAD work I did on the ZR/10 project, like the full interior and many external components, I was also the one who designed:

  • The ZR/10 logo

  • All the infographics (including product promos)

  • The official promo video (w/sound)

  • Process presentation

  • The display stands for the infographics and video, for expos, conventions, and car shows.

I have included all of these elements in the below gallery. There are more, but for consolidation I've only included the most prominent ones.

Project Gallery

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