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Our mission is to demonstrate the power of Integrated Design, a holistic approach to industrial design that results in timeless creations, leaves lasting impressions, solves complex problems, and elevates projects to new levels. From the versatility of AI to the skill and finesse of hand craftsmanship, we are continually honing our skillset to create efficient solutions that marry the bleeding-edge with the timeless. From the time we draw the very first line, we're considering every other step in the project's timeline.

Often working with ambitious startups, Rienks Motor Design is committed to designing and working on some of the most awesome projects in the world. Though we are a small business, we help push the boundaries of prototype and limited-production projects, with a portfolio spanning from multi-award-winning hand-built cars to prototype consumer products. Most of our flagship projects can't be disclosed, but we'd love the chance to discuss your project and how we can take it to the next level.

In summary: If we're not turning heads, we're doing something wrong.

Established in mid-2020, Rienks Motor Design is carving out a distinct niche in a world saturated with shared, replicated, and modified ideas. If you have ideas or inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via the chat box or Contact page. Let's meet over coffee to discuss ideas, evaluate your project, or collaborate on something awesome. We are always looking for new talent and partnerships.

Nothing is impossible when the right minds come together.


Before founding Rienks Motor Design, Shane Rienks had the privilege of learning from remarkable individuals and companies around the nation – true masters in their respective fields. These experiences allowed him to delve into the practical intricacies of high-end custom cars, coach building (hand-built cars), and the lucrative carbon fiber industry.

Shane's foundation lies primarily in conceptual design and design thinking, but also encompasses sheet metal shaping and fabrication, carbon fiber production, toolmaking, interior upholstery, custom electronics, and mechanics. Now at 25 years old, he has over 7 years of professional experience working exclusively on elite 6-, 7-, and 8-figure figure automotive projects.

Built upon this foundation, Shane is devoted to pursuing advanced design across a multitude of industries. His formal education includes an ongoing degree in Industrial Design, and a completed degree in Automotive Technology. However, his most valuable learning experience began in his teens, with an apprenticeship at a small hot rod shop in Georgia, leading to a later position at a highly-ambitious and talented shop in Indiana, before founding RMD in mid-2020.

This background instilled in him the core belief that diverse hands-on experience is one of the most crucial qualities a creator can possess. When combined with formal knowledge and education, it can be an unstoppable force.

Shane Rienks Pull Max

Check out more on Shane's background on his LinkedIn.

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